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Shree Saini

Associated Pageant Systems: Miss World America Shree Saini won People’s Choice at Miss World America two years in a row. When you meet her, she is incredibly kind, sweet and generous. She believes pageant crowns are made from hearts of service. For her, the true sign of a Queen is that she holds respect for [...]

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Ronica Jackson

Ronica Marie Jackson is from the small town of Mercedes, TX. When she was 12 years old, she started competing in pageants. Through pageantry she discovered her passion for fashion and every time she would try on the many different gowns and other outfits she would think of alterations she could do to make them [...]

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Peggie Fowler

Associated Pageant Systems: MS. SENIOR GEORGIA USA, MS. SENIOR AMBASSADOR OF HOPE USA 2019, MS. SENIOR SWEETHEART USA Peggie has a sincere heart of care and concern for others. She feels her foremost purpose in life is to seek avenues through which she can promote self-esteem and hope in the hearts of all that she [...]

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Patricia McDougall

Associated Pageant System: Senior Pageants Group Dr. Patricia McDougall is Ms. Senior Universe Belize 2022, Ms. Senior Universe 1st Runner up. She is the CEO of Patricia’s Professional Photos. She is renowned for providing services for iconic people, places, and history-making events. Some of which include the White House, the U.S. Congress, The State Department, [...]

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Christine Brodie

Associated Pageant Systems: Miss USA system Wow! What an amazing and brilliant woman. I had the pleasure of working with her at the Idaho Youth Ranch fashion show. Her style, charisma, and warm spirit is inspiring. She is an amazing role model for young women to take charge of their beauty and their brains their [...]

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Bailey Breen

Associated Pageant Systems: Up Pageantry Bailey Breen is “The Peoples Choice”, Bailey, is also a role model to young girls, as a cheer coach to her Jr. Golden Eagles cheer team in our local youth football league. Bailey donates much time, spending over ten hours a week for many season, training and practicing with young [...]

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