September 1st – December 15th, 2020

January 14th, 2021

January 23rd, 2021

January 30th, 2021

MAY 23rd, 2021

*All dates above are subject to change based on a number of factors including the possibility of having a broadcast/streaming partner(s).


Here are the Categories in which you may nominate yourself and/or others. All pageants and all pageant systems worldwide are included in the Awards. You’ll notice there are asteriks below where it says…An individual, group or business*. This means that your submission must either be an individual person OR a group (more than one person) OR a business (company) who is/are a coach or trainer or photographer or videographer, etc. You cannot submit more than one (individual, group and business) in the same submission. Here’s an example; if you want to submit an individual coach AND a business that provides coaching, then you would need to make two separate submissions. Each submission must include at the minimum of one word document of why you think your submission deserves to be nominated. Please be sure to check your grammar and spelling prior to your submission. Also, be efficient with your submission by getting to the point and not being wordy. We prefer you to include photos and/or video or web links within your document however it is not mandatory. If desired, you may also include attachments such as photos, videos, etc. PLEASE NOTE: There must be at least 5 nominations in any given Category in order for that Category to be recognized during the Awards Show. If there are not at least 5 nominations in a Category, that Category will not be voted on and will not be included during the Awards Show.

  1. BEST COACH: This individual or company* must be a current, on-going coach(es) for interview, talent, fitness/nutrition, style, the walk.
  2. BEST CONTENT: Current or past contestant, pageant volunteer, judge, director/producer, sponsor, coach, vendor, or anyone involved in the pageant industry who currently promotes consistent positive messages across any sites, social media, blog/vlog platforms, and/or print format, including books and magazines.
  3. BEST DIRECTOR | PRODUCER (may be local, state, regional, national, or international): An individual, group or business* who is currently the pageant director and/or producer (for at least the past 3 years) of the production show being submitted.
  4. BEST IN EDUCATION: Someone in the pageant industry who is a teacher, professor, tutor, school board member or serves in some capacity in Education and is making an impact in the lives of students, the educational system, their local community or on a state/national level.
  5. BEST IN SCIENCE: Someone in the pageant community who either works in or has a degree in the Earth & Physical Sciences, Life & Animal SciencesEngineering, Math & Computer Sciences, or Health/Medical Sciences, and is helping better the lives of others.
  6. BEST ENTREPRENEUR: Someone in the pageant community who has started his/her own company and business. (Founder of any company or business, makeup artist, evening gown designers, videographers and so on)
  7. LEGACY AWARD: An individual who has left a lasting legacy through positive change, leadership, new ideas and over 25 years involvement in the pageant community.
  8. BEST NONPROFIT: Currently, someone who either has his/her/their own non-profit or works with one (or more).
  9. BEST PAGEANT VOLUNTEER:  Someone who currently graciously gives of his/her time volunteering for a pageant in order to benefit others in some impactful way (auditor, judges, pageant volunteers, chaperones, dressing room helpers, and so on).
  10. BEST PRODUCTION: Someone who currently adds to the overall production including choreographers, makeup artists, photographers, videographers, website developers, or program magazine creators.
  11. BEST SPONSOR: An individual, group or business* who currently gives significantly in assisting contestants to achieve their dreams and goals. In your submission document, explain what makes the sponsorship so beneficial to the contestants and/or titleholder and to the sponsor. Be specific the role the sponsor does to help a pageant or contestant.
  12. BEST TALENT: Someone who has either performed talent in a pageant or is a performer, emcee or host of a pageant.
  13. BEST TITLEHOLDER (may be local, state, regional, national, or international): A titleholder (past or present) who upholds the highest standard and ethical and moral values of her title and will have the greatest positive impact out of all titleholders, all systems, worldwide.
  14. DENISE WHITE: Someone that has triumphantly gone through the Foster Care system or has made a positive impact with the Foster Care system and/or those who have been through it.
  15. MOST IMPACTFUL: Someone in the pageant community who has overcome hardships, impacted the lives of others, and/or has worked tirelessly to go after their dreams.
  16. LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT: Someone who has added tremendous value to their family, friends, peers, business and/or professional industries and to the world. This individual(s) must also be or as been instrumental in promoting and giving back to the pageant world. (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS SELECTED BY TGBA BOARD.)
  17. THE LLOYD BEST PARENT: Individual or couple who is currently instrumental in supporting a contestant.
  18. MOST PHOTOGENIC | PHYSICAL FITNESS: A current contestant (2020 year) and/or titleholder who has great photogenic appeal and/or is physically fit.
  19. RISING STAR: A current contestant 18 and under who is serves her community as a volunteer, promotes her title/system, excels at being a brand ambassador, posts positive messages, uplifts the self-esteem of others, is an inspiring role model to other young girls, or brings honor to her family and the pageant industry through service.
  20. CONGENIALITY: A member of the pageant community who supports other contestants to go after his/her dreams. Must be a contestant. Does not necessarily mean he/she won the Miss Congeniality.
  21. BRAND AMBASSADOR:  MUST be a VIP VOTING member. Someone who promotes the Global Beauty Award brand or gets others to join the GBA community or sends in at least ten new nominations of people who’ve never been nominated before..
  22. PEOPLE’S CHOICE:  Are we missing a category and you find that the nominee should be recognized? This would be the category. All nonofficial nominees in a category will be added to the People’s Choice online award which is voted on by the public.



The rules, procedures and conduct of the Awards are the responsibility of the Awards Advisory Group, which is comprised of high profile individuals specializing in pageants, beauty, business, professional sports, TV and entertainment.

Note: Videos, film, audio/tape recordings, photos, screenshots, documents and any other supplemental Materials that are used for submissions are hereafter referred to as “Material(s)”. The Global Beauty Awards is hereafter referred to as “Award(s)”.

  1. Entrants do not need to be Awards members.
  2. Any individual with an Award-eligible category may initiate an entry. Anyone may nominate an individual with an Award-eligible category.
  3. Please nominate those who will continue to be a positive influence and celebrate others in the pageant community.
  4. YOU MUST NOTIFY THE PERSON YOU ARE SUBMITTING to potentially be an official nominee.
  5. Official nominees are not required to be at the Awards show however a representative for that official nominee must accept the award on the nominees’ behalf.
  6. Official Nominees will not receive a complimentary Ticket to the Awards show.
  7. Entries are eligible to all pageants and productions throughout the U.S. and internationally.
  8. All entries will be verified for eligibility and proper placement in the appropriate categories.
  9. Category winners will receive ONE trophy. Any additional trophies requested as part of the winning “group” may be available at the Awards show for an additional cost.
  10. For the judging process, entries will be voted on by our active voting members through our online electronic voting system. Should any voting members not fill in their ballots by the deadline then their ballots will not be counted.
  11. For each category, the nominee with the highest vote total will receive an Award. In the rare instance of any ties, the individual(s)/business(es) will each receive a winning trophy.
  12. International submissions who are in languages other than English will need to include either transcripts, subtitles or explanations translated into English.
  13. Each entrant agrees that any Material furnished to the Awards in connection with an entry, may be retained by the Awards for file, reference and archival purposes and may be viewed partially or in its entirety for judging purposes and within the presentation and/or live webcast and/or broadcast of the Awards show.
  14. All of or portion (i.e. “clips”) of from any such Materials may be used on or in connection with promotional announcements or other promotional activities for any of the foregoing; use of such films, tape recordings, screenshots or clips from the same and/or supplemental printed material shall hereby consent to the use and reuse by the Awards and its partners and assigns including but not limited to NW Productions, LLC and its respective employees, agents, subsidiaries, and related companies for promotional purposes in perpetuity.
  15. For Minors (anyone under 18 years old), entries need to also include parents’ names, mailing address, mobile numbers and email addresses.
  16. All entries (written within the submission page) must include the following:
    • First and last name and contact email and phone of the nominee (person or company you are submitting)
    • First and last name and contact email and phone of the person submitting (you)
    • If the submission is yourself, then be sure to include all information for the nominee (yourself) and the submitter (yourself)
    • In the space provided on our submission page, you may input your explanation of why the person(s) or group or business is deserving of the Award
      • It is up to you whether you’d like to attach a WORD document with the same information you input on our submission page and may include photos and/or links and/or videos within the same WORD document or as separate attachments
      • Photos should be of good quality and may be any of the following formats; jpg, png, tif, gif or pdf
      • Videos should be of high quality and may be any of the following formats; mP4, mov or quicktime
  17. VIP Members are offered special pricing/discounts to GBA activities and must respond before the deadline to receive the specials. Discounts are not transferable.
  18. There must be at least 5 nominations in any given Category in order for that Category to be recognized during the Awards Show. If there are not at least 5 nominations in a Category, that Category will not be voted on and will not be included during the Awards Show.



As a VIP voting member of The Awards you can take advantage of opportunities both in person and online that are designed to help you grow professionally.

  1. Develop strategic relationships and networking opportunities
  2. Special ticket rate for the Awards dinner (optional) – Non-transferable ticket
  3. Privilege of submitting up to 10 (TEN) entries for Awards consideration (at no additional cost)
  4. Have a vital vote towards the official Award nominees and winners
  5. Enjoy opportunities to get merchandise, products and other services
  6. Have your logo included on our site with a link to your social media or preferred website (optional)
  7. Swag Bags (must be present at the event and have paid for dinner)



The Awards approves membership at its sole discretion based on the assessment of the material(s) submitted and/or the applicant(s) themselves. Members of the GBAs consist of individuals who want to promote the pageant community in a positive light. For consideration to become a member, you must have  a positive status within the pageant and beauty community. Please email: [email protected]

If accepted, you will be able to submit up to ten nominations and have voting power. This is an exclusive automatic annual membership.

PLEASE NOTE: For 2021, you may become a member anytime throughout the year EXCEPT February 1 – May 23, 2021.

$99 p/year (which is automatically renewed unless changed by the member) and any submissions beyond the first 10 (TEN) submissions is $35 p/entry. Members must be and/or have been involved in pageantry and the overall industry as a contestant, coach, producer, choreographer, designer (sets, fashion, graphics, etc.), stylist (makeup/hair), photographer, videographer, sponsor, judge, etc. Once you’ve officially registered to become a VIP Voting member, you will be given a link to make your submissions and you’ll receive additional information via an email with more details. Thank you and please register below:

Click Here For Your Annual – VIP Membership (this membership automatically renews on an annual basis unless cancelled by you)


Click Here For Your LIFETIME VIP Membership! ($1,000 one time fee)



1. One account per VIP Voting Member.
2. VIP Voting Members should vote based on excellence per category.
3. All Submissions must include a description of why the individual/business is deserving (no Name Only submissions will not be accepted).
4. VIP Voting Members should read all nominations thoroughly and then vote ethically and responsibly based on the individual/business’ contribution to the pageant industry.

5. Any person and/or business that is being submitted (by a VIP Voting Member), must respond to any communication attempts by the GBA team in order to confirm his/her/their approval of being a potential official nominee.

6. All VIP Voting Members must be in good standing with their constituents, peers and associates. All VIP Voting members must be in good standing with the GBA team with positivity and ease of communication.

7. The overall goal of being a VIP Voting Member is to promote excellence in the pageant community in a positive manner.


Entry fee is $60 for each individual entrant, per entry/category. In order to get a discounted rate of $35 p/entry, become a voting member TODAY as described in the section above. ALL ENTRIES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.
Pay HERE if you would like to make a submission as a non-member. Otherwise, scroll to the section directly above and join as a recurring VIP Voting member and begin enjoying all the benefits as such.

PLEASE NOTE: Submissions from non-members may be submitted anytime during the year EXCEPT from January 1, 2021 – May 24, 2021.

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