Lifetime Achievement – Amy Emmerich

Amy Emmerich is the CEO of the Miss Universe Organization. Amy

Emmerich has been a featured speaker at a myriad of conferences and recognized with numerous awards including three Emmy wins during her tenure at MTV.  She is also a 2017 NYWIFT Muse Award Recipient, 2016 & 2017 Variety Power of Women NY, Campaign’s 2019 40 over 40 and Variety’s one of 12 Digital Innovators to Watch in 2020.  Emmerich is currently advising several start ups and lives in NYC with her husband and children, Emzy & Flash.

Best Coach = Troy Fienhold-Haasis

Best Content = Laura Hunter

Best Director | Producer (under 11 contestants) = Dr. Sharon Maloney

Best Director | Producer (11+ contestants) = Laura Clark & Ross Walters

Best in Education = Mary Harrison

Best Entrepreneur = Catrina Wordlaw, Faith Schway, Raquel Riley Thomas

Best Production = Menka Soni

Best Rookie Contestant = Danielle Hodgson

Best Rookie Director | Producer = Dr. Kristina Mason

Best in Science = Dr. Aliya Frederick, Dr. Ladie Domondon

Best Sponsor = Crown Jewel Designs (Ashley Heath)

Best Stylist = Jennifer Lloyd

Best Supporter = Kirk Uhler

Best Talent = Kailia Posey

Best Titleholder (current) = Kristin King

A.C.E. Honorary Recipient = Viktoria Fox

Best Titleholder (forever) = Kerry Damiano

Brand Ambassador = Matthew Anderson, Troy Fienhold-Haasis, Wendi Russo

Congeniality = Rosanne Plante

Cultural Pageant = Zeynab Koroma-Traverso

Denise White = Eileen Safford, Maricres Castro

Legacy Award = Sara Jo Burks

Lifetime Achievement = Amy Emmerich

Lloyd Best Parent = Rosemary Graham Mann

Most Impactful = Charlotte Ambrose, Dr. Kennedy Garcia

Most Patriotic = Brittany Sleeper

People’s Choice = Rosemary Graham Mann

Most Photogenic = Rachel DuPriest

Physical Fitness = Captain-Crystal Stout, Ritika Chehal

Rising Star = Madeline Decker

Shree Saini Best Nonprofit = Melissa Parker

The Kerry Damiano Style Award = Bailey Breen

Veronica Villegas Best Volunteer = Susan Jeske-Irvine


Lifetime Achievement – Charles W. Herbster

Charles W. Herbster from Falls City, Nebraska, is a farmer and the owner and Chief Executive Officer of:
*Carico Farms Inc., Falls City, Nebraska
*Herbster Angus Farms Inc., Falls City, Nebraska
*North American Breeders Inc., Berryville, Virginia
*Conklin Company Inc., with executive offices in Kansas City, Missouri, and manufacturing and distribution in Shakopee, Minnesota
*Agri-Solutions Inc., Red Oak, Iowa
*Judy’s Dream Inc., Omaha, Nebraska
Four of the six companies that Charles own are run by women.
He is a board member of @johncmaxwell’s companies.
Charles’ mentor for 15 years was the founder of Chik-Fil-Et S. Truett Cathy.
Charles was appointed by President Trump as the Chairman of the Agriculture and Rural Advisory Committee.
In the last decade, Charles has donated more than $6 million in scholarships to help students further their education.
Charles is responsible for 30,000 families in 46 states.
He has judged nine state pageants and was the primary sponsor for Miss USA @sarahrosesummers homecoming. (Sarah is the first and only national USA winner from Nebraska.)


Best Coach = Wendi Russo

Best Content = Rachel Hunt Bailey

Best Director | Producer (under 11 contestants) = Troy Fienhold-Haasis

Best Director | Producer (11+ contestants) = Teri Brown-Walker

Best in Education = Preeti Shridhar, Rosanne Plante

Best Entrepreneur = Laura Hunter

Best Nonprofit = S. Kennedy Hill-Garcia

Best Production = Betty A Aden

Best Rookie Contestant = Dreisa Jordan Sherrill

Best Rookie Director | Producer = Sherry Strother

Best in Science = Dr. Jill Higgins

Best Sponsor = Cherie Kidd

Best Supporter = Astha Soni, Dr. David Curnel

Best Talent = Sally Beth Vick

Best Titleholder (current) = Alora Martin

Best Titleholder (forever) = Tanya Memme

Best Volunteer = Jacy Uhler

Brand Ambassador = Jennifer Lloyd

Congeniality = Shelley Sybil Gish

Cultural Pageant = Gloria H. Mensah

Denise White = Jamerika Haynes-Lewis

Legacy Award = Kerry Damiano

Lifetime Achievement = Charles W. Herbster

Lloyd Best Parent = Donell Breen

Most Impactful = Ida M. White, PhD

Most Patriotic = Katarina Schweitzer, Ximena Juarez

People’s Choice = Shree Saini

Photogenic = Jaimee Lee Wright, Shivani Singh

Physical Fitness = Marianne Hamilton

Rising Star = Angelique Dela Cruz


Lifetime Achievement – Steve & Kathleen Mayes

Steve and Kathleen Mayes are the international directors of the iam Pageant Powerhouse℠. They believe in the positive impact of pageantry everywhere to empower participants with fearless confidence and unstoppable life skills. They have personally directed, judged, or choreographed pageants in a total of 33 states through 39 years of service.

The Mayes serve all fifty United States through the iam Pageant Powerhouse℠ system and its flagship national brand, National American Miss “NAM,” as well as the other acclaimed brands within the organization: All-American Miss “AAM,” and America’s Junior Miss “AJM.”

Internationally, the recent addition of the respected brand International Junior Miss “IJM” provides the Mayes with their lifetime goal of serving representatives of all countries.

Through almost four decades of personally hosting pageant events, and through their capable experienced network of state and international directors, the Mayes are thankful to have served a cumulative total of more than one million guests.

Steve earned a BA in Finance from Texas A&M and is a dean’s list MBA graduate of the University of Texas. Steve has served on the boards of a number of community organizations and enjoys making a difference in the lives of others through volunteering.

Kathleen graduated with a BA in Education from the University of Texas. She has served as the president and board member of several civic and philanthropic organizations. Kathleen danced with the Houston Civic Ballet and studied with the Joffrey Ballet and the San Francisco Ballet.

The Mayes’ mission is summed up in their organization’s motto; the two words that highlight the uniquely transformational power of pageant competitions everywhere: Growing Confidence℠.


Best Coach = Giselle Boone

Best Content = Julia Stone, Tanya Memme

Best Director = Pamela Curnel

Best in Education = Kadambari Chheda, Sara Jo Burks

Best Entrepreneur = Dawn Jackson, Marmalade Clothing, Menka Soni

Best Nonprofit = Captain-Crystal Stout

Best Pageant Volunteer = Mary Moore

Best Production = Jennifer Lloyd

Best in Science = Columbia Mishra, Kristin King

Best Sponsor = Kerry Damiano

Best Talent = Katerina Villegas

Brand Ambassador = Shree Saini, Tami Uhler

Congeniality = Taylor Mann

Denise White = De’Vaughnn Williams

Legacy Award = Paula Miles

Lloyd Best Parent = Rosemary Mann

Most Impactful = Tabitha Machart

Most Photogenic = Kim Layne

Rising Star = Bailey Breen

Best Titleholder = Rachel Bailey, Shree Saini

People’s Choice = Shree Saini


Lifetime Achievement – Dr. Connie Mariano

Dr. Connie Mariano is used to breaking barriers, used to shattering the glass ceiling. Born to a Navy steward and his dentist wife in the Philippines, Dr. Mariano lived the life of a family in the American armed forces.

Her life has been filled with many achievements: high school valedictorian, graduate with honors at the University of California at San Diego, medical degree from the Uniformed Services University School of Medicine, and a distinguished 24-year career in the U. S. Navy.

Dr. Mariano has also been the first in the following achievements:

  • The first military woman to become the White House Physician to the President (for 3 U.S. Presidents)
  • The first woman Director of the White House Medical Unit
  • The first Filipino American in US history to become a Navy Rear Admiral

After leaving the White House in 2001 following nine years and service to three sitting American presidents, Dr. Mariano became a consultant in the Executive Health Program at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale from July 2001 to October 2005.

In November 2005, Dr. Mariano founded the Center for Executive Medicine, a medical concierge practice which provides presidential-quality medical care to CEOs and their families.

An expert in presidential health care including the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, Dr. Mariano is a frequent guest speaker on television and print media on the topics of care to VIPs, presidential disability, travel medicine, and optimizing quality of care.  Dr. Mariano is also a former external advisory board member to the committee advising the Secretary of Veterans Affairs on the overhaul of the VA system.

She is the author of the book, The White House Doctor: My Patients were Presidents, A Memoir, published in 2010 by St. Martin’s Press. Dr. Mariano also hosts her own talk show on the VoiceAmerica network,

“House Calls with Dr Connie.”

Best Entrepreneur in Entertainment – CRYSTLE STEWART

Crystle Stewart is a woman who prides herself on setting goals and working hard to achieve them. One of her aspirations was to become an actress. After moving to Hollywood her goal came to pass as she was cast to star in the Tyler Perry sitcom “For Better or Worse” on the Oprah Winfrey Network and has since held a principle role in TLC’s ‘Too Close To Home’ and can be seen starring in the major motion picture ‘Acrimony’ alongside Oscar winner Taraji P. Henson.

In 2003, Crystle set her sights on becoming Miss USA. In 2008, she ultimately won the coveted title. As a native from Missouri City, Texas, Crystle’s win was not merely a stroke of luck, but a testimony to dedication and years of hard work. After placing in runner-up positions several times, Crystle won the title of Miss Texas USA on her fifth attempt. She remembers a Bible scripture her mother would recite, “The race is not given to the swift or the strong, but to the one who endures to the end.” Crystle has shown unwavering persistence in achieving her goals.

As Miss USA, Crystle was a spokesperson for breast and ovarian cancer education, research and legislation. Crystle herself, found a lump in her breast that was eventually diagnosed as benign. Her experience is a testament to the importance of early prevention and motivated her to advocate for several breast cancer organizations during her reign. She currently donates her time to Best Buddies, We See Abilities, and other organizations that assists individuals who have learning disabilities, a platform that is close to her heart.

Stewart is also a winner of another kind. She excelled in sports and won a silver medal in the 4×400 meter relay during the1994 Junior Olympics. The University of Houston graduate is a fourth-generation educator and teacher. Although she is not currently teaching in a traditional school setting you can find her teaching and training at her own school that she founded, MISS Academy. MISS Academy is the first ever pageant training school, educating young women across the nation on the ins and outs of pageantry while equipping them with skills that will last a lifetime.

Now residing in Houston, TX with her growing family, she is also the owner and director of the Miss Houston Pageant which is currently the largest preliminary pageant in the nation with over 100 young women vying for the prestigious title. Crystle’s love for beauty as well as her experience in the modeling, pageant industry, and entertainment industry have not only enabled her to significantly improve her natural talents but she put these talents to use to help other young women pursue their dreams and aspirations with confidence.


Best Content | Social Media: DANI WALKER

Best Non-Profit | Volunteer: MENKA SONI

Denise White Award: MARIE WIDMYER

Best Pageant Parent: BETH SCHUBERT



Best Production: BAILEY BREEN

Best Talent: TIM TIALDO


Best Story | Most Impactful | Congeniality: CARLA RICHARDS

Best Evening Gown | Fashion Designer | Costume: LILY LLOYD

Most Photogenic | Physical Fitness: ARYA LUKKA

Most Photogenic | Physical Fitness: ANNA HIATT

Best Titleholder: CHERIE KIDD

Best Director | Producer: TAMI UHLER

People’s Choice: EKTA SAINI


Lifetime Achievement – STACEY SCHIEFFELIN

Stacey Schieffelin is a Co-Founder of Women’s Leadership LIVE (WLL), the Founder of ybf (your best friend) beauty, LLC, Models Prefer Beauty, and is one of six HSN Star Entrepreneurs. She has engineered a 24-year record of success as a #1 global cosmetic line in direct TV sales on 8 networks in 28 countries, HSN (USA), QVC (UK: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales), The Shopping Channel (Canada), TVSN (Australia, New Zealand), HSE24 (Italy), HSE24 (Germany, Austria ), Citruss TV (Dubai & 7 United Arab Emirate States) and Shopping LIVE (Russia) with over $350 million in cosmetic sales. Stacey is known for forging a highly personal relationship with her millions of girlfriends/consumers and as a successful market disruptive business leader, deeply soulful, entrepreneur-centric and renowned beauty expert. She is a TEDx speaker, mentor, media trainer, contributing author, and is frequently sought out by national magazines such as Allure, ELLE, Fitness, Good Housekeeping, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Marie Claire, Where Women Create Work and Vogue.

Schieffelin began her career as an international model before becoming a beauty expert and businesswoman. With FORD Models in NYC for over 20 years and 15 additional global agencies, she graced many fashion covers, worked alongside famous French, Italian, British and USA designers as their muse, and walked the catwalks of Paris, Milan, Rome, London and NYC.

Today, Stacey is an award-winning business creator driving economic development by being of service to other passionate entrepreneurs and creators of customer solution products. She and the WLL Team guide individuals to realize, ignite, power and sustain their goals. And in today’s ever changing and competitive marketplace, it’s imperative that everyone maximizes all available marketing platforms that assist women in accomplishing their personal and professional goals. Stacey and the Women’s Leadership LIVE team, coach women on how to take full advantage of doing just that by using television, print, radio and digital outlets to achieve their beYOUtiful dreams!

Stacey and her Women’s Leadership LIVE respected partner Debbie Saviano, a highly sought-after social media strategist, are both thrilled to announce the launch of their new brand extension: WHERE WOMEN CREATE WORK Magazine – a collaboration as Co-Editors with their supportive friend, creative publishing mentor and Editor-in-Chief Jo Packham! Their initiatives continue to Lead, Lift and Launch women as they excel in their journey to live the life they dream as product developers/ambassadors, leadership skills, and entrepreneurial successes.

Stacey’s appreciation for the pageant industry stems from being a previous title holder, national and international judge, sponsor and honored Board Member of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen for 10 years. Stacey and her husband, David, a Harvard graduate are the proud parents of their two style savvy daughters who have won many national titles and competed in numerous pageant systems. Knox McKay Schieffelin’s favorite title was being crowned World’s Perfect Junior Teen 2010 with the amazing Michael Galanes talented team & Lou Delaplaine Schieffelin, becoming Miss Florida Teen USA 2018 with the loving support of her directors Julie, Savannah & Todd Chrisley of Chrisley Knows Best. And the current news is Lou was just crowned Miss Florida Galaxy 2019 and honored to represent Florida at the International Pageant in August! Lou is working with an out of this galaxy dream team of Directors – Deanna Silvia, Michael Galanes & Frank Arcidiocono!  Proud parents to say the least!!

Best Entrepreneur in Sports & Entertainment – DENISE WHITE

Denise is the CEO and Founder of Entertainers & Athletes Group (EAG), a company that specializes in handling those aspects of an athlete’s career that can be easily overlooked by an agent or team with an overflowing roster. In just 19 years she has taken her company from an initial concept for a couple of clients to a major player in the sports industry that retains an impressive list of athletes. Throughout the incredible growth of her business, Denise has maintained her personal approach, leaving no doubt about the investment of time and dedication she grants every client. This wholehearted commitment and attention to detail is the secret to her success as one of the very few successful females in an aggressive, male-dominated industry.

In 1996 after a successful career in broadcasting, Ms. White chose to expand her sports business experience by pursuing an entrepreneurial venture. She had noticed a gap between the roles of player agents and front offices when it came to career management services for professional athletes. In the NFL, where teams at times field 80 players and agencies sign even more, it is easy for rookies and veterans alike to fall through the cracks. Denise used vision and determination to open an office where players could find individually tailored career assistance and development.

Today EAG provides the highest quality service for athletes seeking marketing, public relations, event planning, Branding and Crisis Management. In one week, it is not unusual for Denise herself to coordinate or attend a red carpet event, a fundraising dinner, a network show taping, and a national magazine photo shoot while working on bringing an athlete back from a crisis management situation. And amidst these activities, she can be found at a host of Sporting events throughout the year.

Most recently Denise was featured in a seven page Men’s Journal article where she was profiled as the “Woman who bails out the NFL’s bad boys“.

Out of the Men’s Journal article Hollywood came knocking and Fox2000 bought Denise’s life rights and now are producing a film about her starring Jennifer Anniston, slated to debut in 2019-20.

Ms. White has established her position as a respected leader in sports management through strong cooperation with leagues, teams, and agents. They recognize that Denise and EAG enhance their efforts to both promote and provide for their athletes.

Tom & Charlotte Ambrose Lifetime Media Award – CARL DUNN

Carl Dunn is the CEO of Pageantry, Talent, and Entertainment Services, Inc., publisher of both Pageantry magazine, featured in the blockbuster film Miss Congeniality, and PromTime magazine. Carl, whose family helped found the pageant and modeling competition industry in 1962, has been a featured industry expert for HBO, Behind the Scenes with Jeannie Mai during the Miss USA Pageant, the E’ channel, The New York Times, Newsweek, the BBC, People magazine and Marie Clare. An industry veteran, Carl has produced and emceed countless local, state, and international events in both the pageant and modeling genres. Pageantry, distributed nationally and internationally for over 39 years, is the leading industry voice and publication for the beauty, fashion, and modeling industries, covering such recognizable events as the Miss Universe Organization, the Miss America Organization, the A-List of the pageantry industry, the International Modeling and Talent Association, as well as supporting the major fashion markets of Atlanta, Dallas, and Chicago. Pageantry also promotes the nation’s largest competitions for supplying new talent to the entertainment industry through the premier modeling and talent conventions held in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and New York City.

PromTime, an annual spring publication, produces the nation’s largest on-site photo shoot for social occasion fashions featuring the leading designers of pageant, prom, and evening wear. Together, the print publications and the top rated online extensions of the publication,,, the Pageantry Online Fashion Boutique, the Pageantry PodCast, and social media sites and fan pages showcase the Glamour Lifestyle industry to a worldwide audience.

In addition to the print magazine available through both newsstand and subscription distributions, Pageantry magazine has been published digitally at, since the summer 2007 edition, one of the first print publications to embrace the digital revolution. For those fans of all things digital, you may listen to Mr. Dunn speak with the most recognized leaders within the glamour lifestyle industry through the Pageantry PodCast, available through the Pageantry website or as a free download from iTunes. With Pageantry’s unparalleled distribution, you truly can “Get it All,”… In-Print, Digital, Online, Social, and Multimedia. Pageantry… Celebrating the Glamour Lifestyle.

Best Coach: LU SIERRA

Best Content | Social Media: DANI WALKER

Best Non-Profit | Volunteer: VICTORIA SIEGEL (Victoria Siegel Foundation)

Denise White Award: PEGGIE FOWLER

Best Pageant Parent: JENNIFER LLOYD

Best Sponsor: JEFF COHEN



Best Story | Most Impactful | Congeniality: GRACE GRELL

Best Evening Gown | Fashion Designer | Costume: JOVANI

Most Photogenic | Physical Fitness: ARYA LUKKA

Best Makeup | Hair Stylist: LISA OPIE | LADYCODE

Best Titleholder: SHREE SAINI

Best Director | Producer: DHARMATMA SARAN (Co-Winner)

Best Director | Producer: PAMELA CURNEL (Co-Winner)


Best Entrepreneur – JAMIE KERN LIMA

Jamie Kern Lima is Co-Founder & CEO of IT Cosmetics, a top selling makeup and skincare brand at QVC, ULTA Beauty and Sephora. IT Cosmetics recently became the largest acquisition in L’Oréal history, also making Jamie the first female CEO in L’Oréal’s 100+ year history. Prior to launching IT Cosmetics Jamie was an award-winning TV News anchor with beauty challenges including sparse brows and sensitive skin, and could never find products that truly worked. That’s when IT Cosmetics and Jamie’s mission to empower every woman to feel her most beautiful was born. Jamie graduated valedictorian from Washington State University, and received her MBA from Columbia University. She was recently named on the 2017 Forbes Magazine’s Most Successful Self-Made Women List, Porter Magazines 2017 Incredible Women List, the Goldman Sachs’ 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs, WWD’s 50 Most Powerful Women in Beauty and is part of the Harvard Women’s Leadership Forum. She also received the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Award and the 2017 CEW Achiever Award. Jamie is energized by an unremitting passion to inspire and empower women and has been featured on Good Morning America, TODAY Show, CBS This Morning, NIGHTLINE, Joel Osteen, and in New York Times, Marie Claire, SHAPE, GLAMOUR, COSMOPOLITAN, New York Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and more. When Jamie’s not appearing live on QVC in IT Cosmetics 200+ shows annually, she works passionately with philanthropic partners including Look Good Feel better® where IT Cosmetics has donated over $28 million in product to date to help women face the effects of cancer with confidence.

Lifetime Achievement Award – PAULA SHUGART

With more than 30 years of experience in the television industry, Paula M. Shugart has been a driving force in entertainment television production for domestic and international audiences. As president of the Miss Universe Organization (MUO), and producer of the MISS UNIVERSE®, MISS USA®, and MISS TEEN USA® pageants, Paula oversees all business transactions and is responsible for the production of the live, worldwide telecasts each year. She is also a mentor and role model to the company’s three titleholders as they travel the globe as spokeswomen for several charitable alliances on behalf of MUO. Shugart joined MUO in 1998 as the Vice President of Production and in 2001, was appointed President by Donald J. Trump who, incidentally, had never met Paula but had noticed her outstanding work within the company. In the years after taking charge, Paula’s main goal was to break the stereotypes typically associated with beauty pageants. “MUO is a company dedicated to empowering women by instilling the message of being ‘confidently beautiful’ in their everyday lives,” Shugart says. “Our brand is not about perfection or just beauty; to the contrary, our goal is to celebrate all women and their ability to be comfortable in their own skin – we want all women to be fearless and willing to take risks, challenge themselves, and be the best they can be,” states Shugart. The contest has evolved into a powerful, year-round, international organization that advances and supports opportunities for women, as well as philanthropic initiatives around the world. In March 2014, Shugart launched a partnership with Dutch development agency, Cordaid, to raise funds for the Philippines following the devastating Typhoon Yolanda. The Miss Universe Cordaid Relief Fund’s efforts raised a quarter of a million dollars in just six months. Shugart now sits on the board of Cordaid’s U.S. Leaders Council, a group of highly respected business and societal leaders in the United States committed to making Cordaid one of their international charitable priorities. Rebranding the Miss Universe pageant system has paid off. Over the past decade, Shugart’s efforts have boosted viewer demographics and increased viewership around the world. The MISS UNIVERSE telecast is currently distributed to approximately 180 countries and territories, making it one of the most widely viewed programs worldwide and the MISS USA broadcast now reaches over 70 countries annually. In 2002, Shugart oversaw the sale of 50% of MUO to NBCUniversal and for over a decade, worked closely with NBC to maximize the organization’s potential. The MISS UNIVERSE and MISS USA pageants have garnered great success with “out of the box” cross-promotional concepts conceived by Paula and the network. In a world of ever-changing digital and social media developments for television viewers, Shugart has successfully incorporated never before seen elements of fan engagement into the MISS UNIVERSE and MISS USA telecasts, taking the pageants to a new level in live entertainment. In September 2015, Donald Trump sold the organization to WME|IMG, the global leader in entertainment, sports, events, media and fashion. The competitions are now televised on FOX. In addition to overseeing yearly, multi-million dollar sponsorship deals, Shugart has further expanded the Miss Universe brand by introducing several new product licensing ventures for the company. MUO launched their first collection of branded products in 2014 with long time partner and haircare sponsor Farouk Systems, Inc. Shortly after, MUO added swimwear, real money gaming, ready to wear clothing, and toys to their growing roster of products. Approximately 48 countries are currently selling MUO branded products around the world. Shugart, whose father was an Admiral in the US Navy, says her childhood helped prepare her for her current role. Her global travels left her with a deep appreciation and understanding of the world’s cultural diversity as well as its commonality. To her, the MISS UNIVERSE Pageant in particular provides an opportunity for women of the world to celebrate their cultural differences and achieve a greater understanding of each other. When it came time to attend college, Shugart wanted to go “someplace new…without a Navy base.” She chose Ohio University, which consistently ranks as one of the top schools in the country for television communication. Paula graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1981, with a BS in Communications, focusing on journalism and production. She currently serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council to the Ohio University Scripps College of Communication and is a recipient of the University’s prestigious Medal of Merit for Achievement in Entertainment and Television Production. From 1982 to 2002, Shugart was based in Los Angeles and developed a specialty in live television production while working on some of the world’s largest productions: the “Academy Awards,” “American Music Awards,” “Golden Globes,” “International Rock Awards,” and “President Clinton’s 50th Birthday Celebration,” among many others. She also served as producer on the original talent competition, “Star Search” for seven years, as well as a multitude of other programs including the Lifetime Special “The Age of the Female Icon,” which garnered a Cable Ace Award nomination. Shugart has also worked on the television productions of two of the music industry’s greatest driving forces: Madonna on her “Blond Ambition Tour” and the Rolling Stones on their “Steel Wheels Tour.” Shugart forayed into the world of daytime television as Supervising Producer for ABC’s talk show “Mike & Maty” and went on to produce the pilot for the highly popular “Donny and Marie Show” for Columbia Television. She is currently an active member of the Director’s Guild of America and the Producers Guild of America and has served as a Commissioner to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Latin Media and Entertainment Commission. Most recently, she was named a member of the Women’s Leadership Board at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, elected for her professional accomplishments and demonstrated commitment to women and girls. Working at the Miss Universe Organization may have saved Paula’s life, literally. Breast Cancer Awareness is an official cause for each reigning Miss USA, which prompted Shugart to have a routine mammogram. Having lost both her parents to cancer, Shugart was very concerned with the finding of an aggressive pre-cancerous condition known as ‘DCIS’. Nine surgeries and thirteen years later, she is cancer free and has joined Miss USA as an advocate for breast cancer awareness and believes that early detection is a key to cancer survival.

Best in Science – DR CHIANN FAN GIBSON

Dr. Chiann Fan Gibson’s amazing life story of immigrating to the United States with less than $200 has been featured through numerous media outlets to include both Television and public events.  Dr. Gibson was a feature story and on the covers of Dentistry Today (Dentistry’s largest publication) and Women’s Dentist Journal Magazine. From her early years, Dr. Gibson’s American Dream lifestyle and a dedication to succeed, took her from a very humble beginning, rising to the very top of her profession. Dr. Gibson graduated from Tufts School of Dental Medicine (Boston MA) as a Merit Scholarship recipient.  She was one of only 360 dentists from around the world to become an Accredited Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AAACD) in 2012.  Additionally, Dr. Gibson is a Fellow of The International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics (IADFE) and an Adjunct Instructor of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (Department of Prosthodontics and Operative Dentistry). Dr. Gibson served 5 years on the Board of Directors of the AACD, becoming Vice President in 2014, and President in 2016-2017.  Dr. Gibson also served as President of The Chicago Midwest Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Gibson is a published author and dental columnist for the Chicago suburban Sun Times Newspaper.  Dr. Gibson’s cleft palate case study titled, Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy (SFOT) An Interdisciplinary Approach (To Include Cosmetic Goals In Mind), was published in the 2015 Dental Clinics of North America textbook edition.  Dr. Gibson continues her research through the Practice Based Network associated with Tufts Dental School. Dr. Gibson was crowned Miss Washington USA while attending the University of Washington, where she was also a 3-year cheerleader. Dr. Gibson was also crowned on the international telecast, Miss Hawaiian Tropic International, in Las Vegas. Dr. Gibson later became the only dentist, and first Asian, to be crowned Mrs. United States (2005). Dr. Gibson currently practices dentistry at Smiles By Dr. Gibson & Associates, Naperville Illinois. Her dental passion includes donating dental services through the Give Back A Smile Foundation, helping restore complex damaged smiles to women of abuse.  Dr. Gibson’s life moto is, “If you have a smile, it can be beautiful.”  She is married to Emmy Award TV host / entertainer Jim Gibson.  Together they have a son, James III.

Best Entertainer – JIM GIBSON

Jim Gibson is an Emmy Award winning television host, vocal recording artist, and member of three Grammy award winning groups. At a young age, he joined the B.J. Thomas Band whose hits include, Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head and Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song. Additionally, Gibson toured as a member of two more Grammy groups (Bill Gaither Trio – Gospel / Lionel Hampton – Jazz).  Gibson transitioned into television as a performing TV Host and had his own show, Windy City Alive. Gibson was a Male Vocal Finalist on Star Search; performed in the White House at the Congressional Ball for Presidents Reagan and Bush Sr; performed the National Anthem on TV for the Miami Dolphins / Buffalo Bills Telecast; hosted MGM-TV’s pilot Dreams Can Come True; co-hosting with “Down Town” Julie Brown MTV’s Spring Break; and performed numerous times on, The Merv Griffin Show.  Gibson is most noted for hosting more than 1,500 Pageant telecasts or specials throughout the world.  These Pageant organizations include Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss Globe, Miss Universe, Mrs. America and others.  Over the decades, more than 100,000 contestants walked across Gibson’s stage including, Vanna White, Paula Zahn, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock and dozens of soap stars and top models. On the big screen, Gibson was the voice over announcer and Line Producer for Rockin The Corps, (an American thank you), which was the largest military tribute concert ever produced, featuring Destiny’s Child (Beyoncé), KISS, Hootie & The Blowfish, Ted Nugent and Cedric The Entertainer. Executive Producer, Quincy Jones recorded the event live in front of 50,000 Marines & their families on the beach at Camp Pendleton during the Iraq deployment. He is married to celebrity cosmetic dentist, Dr. Chiann Fan Gibson.  They have a son, James III and reside in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT – Kelsey Schmidt, working on her PHD

BEST ATHLETE – Emily Demure, NCAA division 1 volleyball player

BEST BREAKOUT STAR – Shanna Moakler, TV personality

BEST CHOREOGRAPHER – Chitralekha(lekha)

BEST COACH – Faith Schway

CONGENIALITY – Mikayla Holmgren, contestant at Miss Minnesota USA 2017

BEST COSTUME – Pamela Curnel, Mrs. Washington America director (designed and created the pink gown worn by Deidre Murphy at Mrs. America 2017)

BEST CROWNING MOMENT – Tasha Haskins, Miss Plus America 2010

DENISE WHITE – Angela Cruze, being successful going through the foster care system

BEST DIRECTOR and/or PRODUCER (Local, State, Regional) – Paula Miles, RPM Productions – State Pageant Qualifiers to Miss USA & Miss Teen USA for Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina & South Carolina (has had 1 Miss Universe, 1 Miss World, 5 Miss USA’s and 4 Miss Teen USA’s)

BEST DIRECTOR and/or PRODUCER (National, International) – Jorge Esteban, Miss Iceland Universe

BEST EMCEE|HOST|CORRESPONDENT|NEWS ANCHOR – Lu Sierra, International Model, Runway Coach & Analyst for the Miss USA & Miss Universe Telecasts on FOX

BEST ENTERTAINER – Jim Gibson, Emmy award winning TV Host, Producer & Music Artist

BEST ENTREPRENEUR – Jamie Kern Lima, Co-Founder of IT Cosmetics and first female CEO in L’Oreal’s 108-year history

BEST EVENING GOWN – Alyssa London, Miss Alaska USA 2017 and Nia Sanchez, Miss USA 2014



BEST JUDGE – Kerry Damiano, former Miss Idaho USA and Producer/Designer

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT – Paula Shugart, Miss Universe Organization President

BEST NON-PROFIT – Amanda Sowards, Vice President and Mission Director of World Missions Outreach & Ms Earth Americas 2017, and Menka Soni, Founder & President of Ravishing Women 

BEST ONSTAGE ANSWER – Melissa Perincheril, 1st RU at Miss Washington USA 2018

BEST OVERALL TALENT – Emily Oaks, IFAA World Field Championship in 2014 (in Archery and she is sponsored by Cabela’s)


BEST PAGEANT PARENT – Ekta Saini & Jennifer Lloyd

MOST PHOTOGENIC – Natalie Luttmer, Mrs America 2017



BEST IN SCIENCE – Dr Chiann Fan-Gibson, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry President 2016, Mrs United States 2005

BEST SOCIAL MEDIA and/or VIDEO BLOG – Allyson Rowe, Miss Washington USA 2014 and PageantLIVE


BEST SPONSOR – Bridal Elegance

BEST STORY / MOST IMPACTFUL – Madeline Irwin, Miss Washington USA 2018 contestant

BEST TITLEHOLDER – Michelle McLean, Miss Universe 1992

BEST VOLUNTEER – Kathleen (Kat) Ray, Ms Senior Universe Founder