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Man of The World USA

My name is Brandex Cruz, Man Of The World USA 2020. I am from Miami, FL. I believe representing the USA Man of the World USA is an honor and a privilege. This title requires integrity and influence. This title hold the weight and responsibility  of 320 million people, with great power comes great responsibility. During the reign as Man of The World USA, I held a fundraiser towards helping feed Americans during the Initial stages of the pandemic collecting over $300 on FB For the Foundation 4Life.  As well collected 50 backpacks filled with supplies for foster and abused children for organization This is only the beginning, since while visiting the Philippines we have two trips planned to help local organization for underprivileged children in Manila. My dream is to be a world changer, by being the representative of the USA with the help of my supporters we are changing the world and adding more love, light, and positive influence to it each day. My ultimate goal as the current USA title holder is to be seen as a Role Model to the next young man to receive a title. For it is about being a Role Model, not just a Model.