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PEOPLE’S CHOICE - Chazton Sasil

Man of The World USA

My name is Chazton Sasil and I am the current Man of the World - Hawaiʻi 2021. I am 27 years old from Kauaʻi, Hawaiʻi. I enjoy dancing Hula and Tahitian,  singing, going on epic adventures and just having a great time with family and friends every chance I get. One of my passions is sharing the Hawaiian culture to the world and educating people who we are as a people and our traditions. I hope to share it with you some day.

The title Man of the World - Hawaiʻi to me is more than a title and a responsibility. To me, this title is more like a lifestyle and knowing where I come from. I hope to show not only the United States but the world who the people of Hawaiʻi are and the Aloha we bring into our lives everyday. Many visitors know that “ALOHA” mean hello and goodbye, but it also means love. So I hope to share as much love to as much people as possible. If I share love, I’m sharing Aloha.

One of my main goals while carrying this tile is to hopefully travel and share my Hawaiian culture to the World. There are so many people who want to come too Hawaiʻi to visit and experience the Hawaiian culture, but they are unable to due to certain reasons. I hope to go to them and give them a taste of Hawaiian culture and show them who we are as people of Hawaiʻi

I am super excited to represent Hawaiʻi in the 2021 Man of the World USA Pageant and I hope to make Hawaiʻiproud. While there, I hope to share as much Aloha to as much people as possible.