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Gaia International

Gaia International is predominately an online pageant (with a live Pageant Week and Grand Final) that seeks to foster beauty, empowerment and self-esteem throughout the world. As such, Gaia International uses social media etc to promote healthy mind, body image & self esteem. With its motto of be your own beautiful, Gaia International promotes its contestants and encourages it’s followers to be true to themselves. Through the inspirational posts, sharing of contestant content and images, Gaia International aims to encourage everyone to be true to themselves, to find the beauty on who they are and to own it. Create it. Define it. Gaia is open to contestants of all ages and equally from all walks of life; male, female, gay, straight, trans, bi, non-binary, tattooed, plus-sized, pierced, drag, young, old, employed or otherwise...

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