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PEOPLE’S CHOICE - Jessalyn Mackey

I would like to nominate Jessalyn Mackey for People's Choice, because she is such an exceptional role model and pageant queen for young ladies who may not feel they meet the standard mold but are instead beautifully exceptional.

Like many young people, Jessalyn was born with Autism. This is a condition that causes her brain to process the world differently. Despite the many obstacles, she has chosen the world of pageantry to be the platform to educate the world more on the struggles and triumphs of Autistic youth. Jessalyn has worked with first responders, teaching them how to work with youth with Autism. She has modeled clothing and raised funds for Autism research. She has befriended others with Autism to help them know they are not alone. And she has entered multiple pageants and used her title to promote Autism awareness and the strengths of those with Autism.

What makes Jessalyn my choice for People's Choice winner is that she goes into competition KNOWING she will most likely not succeed because of her Autism affecting her performance.
But she goes in anyways.

Because her mission to educate is more important to her than who wins or loses. And that, to me, is the pinnacle of heart and courage.