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PEOPLE’S CHOICE - Madhavi Shinde Morekar

Madhavi Shinde Morekar, Mrs. Entrepreneur India WA and OR 2019, Mrs. India Bothell Washington 2020, believes every gift and talent is created within each person to serve and uplift others. A wife and mother to two boys, she indeed follows her motto of ‘live hard and love hard, with no limits!’ as she takes every chance she gets to give back to the community.

A recipient of the ‘Community Excellence & Commitment Award 2020’ by Ampowering, formerly known as Ravishing Women ( a non-profit organization with a mission of Transforming Lives and Empowering Communities) this empathetic individual has stopped at nothing in her attempts to do the best she can for the people around her. Her generosity extended beyond geographic limitations as she helped a makeup artist in India, who was made homeless because of the harsh financial toll that the Covid-19 pandemic had on less fortunate society members. This artist for many models was utterly helpless as she was left without any funds to sustain herself and no one to turn to. The mother of two was struggling until AmPowering heard of her and helped enroll her in online makeup classes to earn a dignified living through virtual platform. Madhavi along with others did a makeup tutorial with her to boost social media presence and get her the traction she needs.

However, it does not stop here; this Good Samaritan volunteers countless hours for a broad spectrum of causes. It is her greatest desire to serve and speak out for the voiceless and oppressed worldwide. She sets an example through her random acts of kindness every day, be it her regular donations to the various ‘Fund rising’, ‘Giving Tuesday’ campaign and the Shena Foundation orphanage in Pune, India, on her sons’ birthdays.

In Madhavi’s words, ‘no contribution or help in any form, is too small...You can make someone’s day with just a smile! It is as simple and effortless as that!’ She says this as she quietly pitched in to help single mother Smita Puthran buy a laptop for herself. Smita, a mother of two, was also a victim of the financial losses caused by the pandemic, yet her wish was to continue to be independent with minimal help from others. Not only did Madhavi respect Smita’s wishes, but she also encouraged others to do the same by helping her get what she wanted the most; a laptop, so she could complete the online courses she needed to get a better job.

Madhavi deeply enjoys serving as an activist and volunteer for The AmPowering team’s COVID relief and response team. She is currently involved in various projects conducted by AMPowering like sewing reusable and washable masks and their distribution in health care, tent cities, and shelter homes. She as part of AmPowering has also rallied support and has actively participated in distributing PPEs to frontline workers, grocery distribution drives, and providing home-cooked meals to homeless people every week e.g. Hoff Foundation, Men’s Shelter Home, and the Hope Family foundations in the Seattle area.

Apart from offering financial help and donations, Madhavi has done everything she can to provide mental health support through yoga and dancing classes. She is committed to using her skills to nurture and empower those in need and has passed on these values to her children. As both her sons, Vihaan and Raayan, have received the ‘Community Junior Champion’ award from AmPowering, and Vihaan (age 10) was nominated for the ‘ C.P. and Dorothy Johnson Humanitarian Award’ by the North Shore school district, WA.

Madhavi continues to look forward to wholeheartedly serving families and communities wherever she can, with passion and pride.

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Below are some of pictures of her and her family’s involvement in “Giving back to community” cause:

1. With Family in Grocery and Food distributions

2. Mrs. Entrepreneur India WA and OR 2019 trophy

3. Community Excellence and Commitment award