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Shelley Proebstel

PEOPLE’S CHOICE - Shelley Proebstel

Instagram: @baldandbeayoutiful

Winner Gaia International New Zealand 2020


Energetic, bubbly, loud and incredibly encouraging, Shelly has set about changing the face of social media and pushing the message (and image) that EVERY BODY is BEAUTIFUL. Passionate and unafraid in her goal to promote self esteem and body positivity, Shelly is constantly updating her socials to showcase her own steps to empower. By day Shelly is a teacher - primary education - where she spends her time and boundless energy empowering children to be the best version of themselves. Shelly has also proven to be a truly inspirational contestant in Gaia International, earning the title of Gaia International New Zealand for 2020. She has used our platform and her social media to push her social justice agenda and raise awareness. Shelly has put her own body on the line to create visual propaganda for EVERY BODY is BEAUTIFUL. Shelly has also used her Instagram and Facebook to share her Gaia social justice actions and promote awareness for her causes. She shaved her head for 'Shave for a cure' and used her platform to not only promote body positivity and bald is beautiful, she used her influence to generate more coverage for the cancer foundation. Shelly is truly deserving of her Gaia Title and for a nomination to The Global Beauty Awards.