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Evelyn Hou

PEOPLE’S CHOICE - Evelyn Hou (Bellevue Embroidery)

Evelyn gives of her time (time and time again) freely and with a beautiful smile for so many organizations. She is a joy to work with AND she’s a very talented photographer as well as an amazing business owner. Here are just a few of the countless testimonials from her business. I LOVE Bellevue Embroidery! I have all my work shirts and jackets done there. I enjoy the fact that I can order from the latest styles in workplace fashions. They were friendly, prompt with our order and everything turned out great! Jose ...
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Shelley Proebstel

PEOPLE’S CHOICE - Shelley Proebstel

Instagram: @baldandbeayoutiful Winner Gaia International New Zealand 2020   Energetic, bubbly, loud and incredibly encouraging, Shelly has set about changing the face of social media and pushing the message (and image) that EVERY BODY is BEAUTIFUL. Passionate and unafraid in her goal to promote self esteem and body positivity, Shelly is constantly updating her socials to showcase her own steps to empower. By day Shelly is a teacher - primary education - where she spends her time and boundless energy empowering children to be the best version of themselves. Shelly has ...
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Jason Fienhold-Haasis

PEOPLE’S CHOICE - Jason Fienhold-Haasis

Nationwide Pageantry   Jason has been involved with Nationwide Pageantry since 2015. He graciously fills many roles being involved with the Nationwide pageantry system including Stage Manager for the National Competition each year. He also lends his talents by helping to design and create the stage design and decoration for each pageant. A favorite with all the contestants each year, he also helps behind the scenes with set up, catering and transportation for many of the events during the national competition.
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Haven Watts


American Pageants Inc.   Haven Watts has been involved with American Pageants (AP) for the last decade. She originally got involved in pageantry to grow into a well-rounded young woman, and ended up becoming Little Miss of Texas in 2011, Junior Miss of Texas in 2017, then won the national title of Junior Miss of America in 2018. Behind her smile though, Haven has been navigating Cystic Fibrosis since she was 12 years old. This has meant multiple hospital visits, relying on feeding tubes for nutrition, and figuring out how to survive a disease that ...
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Deidra Murphy

PEOPLE’S CHOICE - Deidra Murphy

Deidra was Mrs. Washington America 2017. Deidra is a professional fashion stylist and helps with health and fitness. She has a passion for empowering women to reach their fullest potential inside and out. You can reach her on Facebook. Bio: Deidra Murphy is a resident of Kennewick with her husband of six years, Dr. Chris Murphy. After graduating summa cum laude with her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Whitworth University, Deidra taught at Vista Elementary in Kennewick, Washington for 5 years. Although she chose to leave the formal classroom setting, Deidra entered the entrepreneurial world ...
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Davies Chirwa

PEOPLE’S CHOICE - Davies Chirwa

Davies Chirwa is an Award-Winning Global Ambassador for human empowerment, media expert influencer and a visionary of serial entrepreneurship. He is the Founder of Channel A TV/ DC Productions Media Group and a Celebrity Film Producer. His exclusive Media Productions include the prestigious Documentaries featuring for U.S President Barak Obama, NFL Super Bowl Champions, MTV Awards, BET Awards, U.S Soccer, NBA, Seattle Seahawks, UW Huskies Football, Seattle Sounders, FIFA plus many more.   MY MISSION My Mission as a Global Ambassador for human empowerment is to share my knowledge and visions of entrepreneurship by facilitating ...
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Chazton Sasil

PEOPLE’S CHOICE - Chazton Sasil

Man of The World USA Aloha, My name is Chazton Sasil and I am the current Man of the World - Hawaiʻi 2021. I am 27 years old from Kauaʻi, Hawaiʻi. I enjoy dancing Hula and Tahitian,  singing, going on epic adventures and just having a great time with family and friends every chance I get. One of my passions is sharing the Hawaiian culture to the world and educating people who we are as a people and our traditions. I hope to share it with you some day. The title Man ...
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Brandex Cruz

PEOPLE’S CHOICE - Brandex Cruz

Man of The World USA My name is Brandex Cruz, Man Of The World USA 2020. I am from Miami, FL. I believe representing the USA Man of the World USA is an honor and a privilege. This title requires integrity and influence. This title hold the weight and responsibility  of 320 million people, with great power comes great responsibility. During the reign as Man of The World USA, I held a fundraiser towards helping feed Americans during the Initial stages of the pandemic collecting over $300 on FB For the Foundation 4Life.  As well ...
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Shree Saini


Shree Saini won People’s Choice at Miss World America two years in a row.

She believes pageant crowns are made from hearts of service. For her, the true sign of a Queen is that she holds respect for others as high as her crown. Shree says let’s be “people-oriented”, “love-oriented” and “service-oriented”. Her passion for uplifting people has led her to be invited to speak in over 3O states and 8 countries. She believes the only way to social transformation is by leading with unity, inclusion, and intentional empathy. It’s important to welcome people in ...
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